The Fabric

Fabric material used for Dogs Of Town products is carefully selected. All denim is recycled (previously worn) and chosen for certain qualities. Denim brands I seek and discover have jeans that wear well over time, have variation in color/weight/texture, are selvedge distressed or are sustainable. Used denim that is American-made, made in Italy or Japan is used for those attributes.


Hemp makes for incredible material, it's soft and all natural. The benefits of hemp fiber are many, both fabric-wise and for the environment. It's durable, lightweight, and requires much less water to grow than conventional cotton.


A variety of discarded designer textile samples, fabric remnants and cutting scraps are incorporated with worn denim, used for patchwork and smaller pieces. People often speak about saving our landfill space, this helps contribute to reducing waste. 


Waxed canvas is a vintage-like luxurious fabric! It's used as a leather-alternative and for it's durable, waterproof, shape-friendly properties. The wax is paraffin-based or natural, having very low levels of chemical toxins. Other vegan leather substitutes can add to the harmful effects of the petrochemical industry.