About Us


I'm Staecy, maker behind Dogs Of Town. A blessed dog mom, proud auntie, animal advocate, country girl, denim addict and flower fanatic. Am a happy product of the old saying Who Rescued Who. Love for animals and admiration for art have been a natural part of life.

Working alongside my two rescues, I handcraft custom dog bandanas and bow ties made from well-made, high-quality worn jeans and organic hemp. Products are created and designed around each dog, sewn one-by-one. Discontinued designer samples, textile waste and fabric offcuts are sourced for patchwork. I carefully stitch then sew for all breeds with the goal of making unique and locally-focused, fun pieces for dogs to wear. More about the different fabric types used here.

Bond through bandanas

Dogs Of Town LOCAL Collection

Dogs Of Town local dog products include DOGS OF® and RESCUES OF® "town/city/neighborhood” bandanas and bow ties. Bond with other dog owners within your town through local dogwear that is handmade, artful and environment-conscious.

An independent, community-based dog neckwear company, Dogs Of Town began in March, 2021 with a vision of differentiation, high quality and having a blast.


My dogs and everyday inspiration


Angel wings


"Big Boy"

Rescues Of wear

Dogs Of Town Giveback Program

Twenty percent of each "Rescues Of" local wear purchase is donated to a non-profit animal welfare organization.

When you see the Dogs Of Town pink rose, it will only be on a rescue. In loving memory of Jasmine, my special girl who often pranced in pink.